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Hearts4Paws Animal Rescue is excited to be starting a new podcast series, which will include some of our experiences rescuing 55 cats since our inception. We will also touch on compassion fatigue and coping mechanisms for people who are in rescue or work with animals. Most importantly we want to create awareness and address some concerns about all the current issues relating to animal welfare in our community. We are working on our very first “Whistleblower” Series. Stay tuned for more information.

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Cats up for adoption


Please Help Beisso find his forever home.🐾😽

He is a 1 year old male Tabby cat who is being surrendered due to a younger family member being very allergic to cats. He has a very sweet and loving personality. Loves to cuddle and sleep with his person all night. He is quite playful with lots of energy so he will need a large space to explore and a nice cat tree and scratching post. Beisso has not lived with another cat or dog, so we are not sure how he would do.

Beisso is up to date on all his vaccines, however is not Neutered. Unfortunately at this time Neuter appointments are very hard to get and booked up until January.

The Neuter appointment will be arranged by Hearts 4 Paws as soon as one becomes available and the cost will be covered. Adoption will be finalized once Neuter has been done.

If you are interested in giving this guy a home please fill out our form.

Why your donations are important to us:

Most of the cats that come into our care are Senior cats coming from homes where their owners have either passed away or are going into a long term care facility and cannot take their beloved cats. Many do not have up to date vaccines and some have had no vet care at all for a quite sometime.

Through our Angel Paws Fund we are able to provide them with vet care, get them up to date on all their vaccines to get these fur babies into their forever homes. We rely on donations from fellow animal lovers and generous donors in our community for their support so we can continue to help more cats. Every little bit helps. Thank you for your support.

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