Stratford and Perth County Saving Animals & Finding Homes All the cats that come through our rescue receive a Vet Wellness Examination, Up to Date vaccines, and additional Medical Care or Spay/Neuter if required. Our small adoption fees unfortunately do not cover all of our expenses. We have no government funding so the rescue’s funding primarily comes from my small Mortgage business, Czartorynskyj Capital Inc., were a portion of the annual revenue has been donated to Hearts4Paws Rescue’s Angel Fund. Many of the cats are coming from loving homes, but have received little to no vet care as well as no vaccines.
What Drives Us

Our Mission

Hearts4Paws Animal Rescue works to ensure that no cat becomes homeless as a result of an emergency experienced by its owner. Sudden hospitalization, a move to long-term care, or any other life crisis can mean that a cat may no longer be cared for in the home he / she has known and loved. Sometimes, especially in the case of a senior cat, the cat might be at risk of euthanization because it can be difficult to find a new forever home. Hearts4Paws intervenes in such cases, fostering and rehoming cats in emergency surrender situations.