Adopting a pet is a lifetime commitment, so potential adoptive homes are screened carefully by our volunteers. We grow very attached to each cat that comes through our Rescue and want to see them go to forever homes. Its important that the cat’s individual needs and personality fits with the lifestyle of the individual(s) or family that is adopting them. If it turns out we feel its not the purr-fect match, with your permission we would share your application with other Rescues and Networks that have many other cats that are waiting for homes. When adopting a cat out on behalf of their owner(s), we try and follow their requested re-homing criteria. In some cases a home visit may be required.

Adoption Fees for adult cats are $125 each $110 each for two or more. Kittens are $135.

We are a non-profit group, 100% volunteer run. Our small adoption fee helps us to continue to help more pets that need homes.

Rachelle Czartorynskyj – Founder of Hearts 4 Paws Rescue

Some cats require more attention than others depending on their personalities and some have special need requirements. We try and match the right cat for your lifestyle to ensure you will both be happy.
Adjustment behaviour may include vocalization (at night), door dashing, not eating/overeating, hiding, personality conflicts with other pets, to name a few.
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