Adoption Policy

Adopting a pet is a lifetime commitment, so all potential adoptive homes are screened carefully. We grow very attached to each cat that comes through our Rescue and want to see them go to their forever homes. Due to the nature of our rescue being Senior cats, its important to understand that each cat will need some time to adjust to their new home. We do our best to ensure that the cat’s individual needs and personality fits with the lifestyle of the individual(s) or family that is adopting them so they don’t have to be returned.

Please note that Hearts4Paws has the right to deny adoption if we feel the situation is not suitable for the specific cat that is being adopted out.

We are a non-profit, foster based rescue, that is 100% volunteer run. Our small adoption fee helps us to continue to help more pets that need homes.

Adoption Fee per cat is $150
This Includes: Neuter/Spay, Age Appropriate Vaccines, Parasite treatment/prevention (worms, fleas, ticks) and Veterinary exam. (and other treatment if required at the time of vet visit)

An application is required with references as well as a meet and greet prior to adoption. An adoption contract is mandatory and must be filled out and signed prior to taking a cat home.

***Due to COVID-19, we ask that you attach photos of the most common living spaces of your home with the application in place of a physical home check.

Those can be emailed to after completing the form below.

Thank you,
Rachelle Czartorynskyj Hearts 4 Paws Rescue Founder

Some cats require more attention than others depending on their personalities and some have special need requirements. We try and match the right cat for your lifestyle to ensure you will both be happy.
Adjustment behaviour may include vocalization (at night), door dashing, not eating/overeating, hiding, personality conflicts with other pets, to name a few.
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